We’ll have you know that competitive cycling can get crazy scandalous if you’re about that shortcut life, pulling stunts like fitting a concealed electric motor in your bike or spending all that money from being “athletes” on performance-enhancing drugs to get ahead in the game.

Still, when pro cyclists — easily among the world’s most badass athletes — do go by the rulebook, they demonstrate strategies that work both on the cycling track and off.

While speed and acceleration are crucial, the real factor that will take you over the finish line in that last gruelling kilometre is team support. Watch the video to witness the strategy play out in detail.

The best bikes for serious athletes


1. M55 Terminus

A perfect partner for mountain and off-road biking, this electric assist in the pedal lets the cycle know when the rider needs help with a particularly steep slope.

Price: Starting at Rs 22,63,566


2. Trek Madone Butterfly

Considered the most expensive bike in the world, the Trek Madone is famous for all the wrong reasons. Designed by Damien Hirst who used real butterfly wings to decorate its wheels, this piece of art was controversial, and not just because Lance Armstrong rode it in the final stage of the Tour de France 2009.

Price: Rs 3,12,64,725


3. Porsche Bike RS

Porsche knows they’re so good at what they do, your bike might attract some unwelcome attention. That explains their anti-theft protection technology, with each bike having its own unique code hidden under the paint. All you have to do is register your bike on their website and file a report if it gets stolen. The Porsche RS (Rennsport) also comes with hydraulic disc brakes which are great for dry and wet weather.

Price: Rs 5,00,235


4. Mercedes-Benz Mountain Bike B67876176

With a load capacity of 130kgs, the Mercedes-Benz Mountain bike can easily function in rough terrain. For better performance in the wilderness, this bike comes kitted out with a 30-speed shifter and hydraulic brakes.

Price: Rs 3,69,000


5. Aston Martin’s One-77 Bike

Belonging to the legendary Aston Martin One-77 car family, you know what you should expect from this cycle. Only 77 pieces of this limited edition bike were made. The saddle and handle bars are made from hand-stitched leather, the framework is constructed from light carbon fibre and the bike has an integrated LED lighting system.

Price: Rs. 23,25,235


6. Hermès Le Flâneur

When it comes to style and utility, no one does it quite like Hermès. The French fashion house launched a cycle with seats made in bull calf leather, a luggage rack and 8 or 11 geared options to choose from. Hermes also allows customers to choose from a colour palette of charcoal, red or white. The cycle is made of lightweight carbon fibre and it’s (relatively) light on your pocket too.

Price: Rs 6,72,191


7. Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4

A favourite of serious bikers, the lightweight carbon fibre body, reliable Shimano gear and thin wheels reduce friction and increase speed.

Price: Rs 8,10,000


Image: R Burman

8. BMW Cruise Bike 2013

The BMW Cruise bike, as the name suggests, is for cruising smoothly through the city with an adjustable stem to make the ride even more comfortable.

Price: Rs 75,000


9. S-Works and McLaren Venge

When race legends McLaren team up with racing cycle manufacturer Specialized, the Venge is what we get. Its special aerodynamic design makes it one of the world’s fastest bicycles.

Price: Rs 6,88,545


10. Giant TCX ADV SL I(E)

The TCX Advanced SL is an all-condition bike which has won awards for its design and sturdy frame. Made with extra lightweight carbon fibre, Giant uses its composite frame MegaDrive feature for a better ride on the slopes.

Price: Rs 4,90,510