Getting a date for your weekend has become infinitely more convenient with on-the-go dating apps like Tinder. But even technology can’t save you from the nut jobs out there.

A Quora thread brought together people from around the country to share their Tinder experiences and let’s just say, things got weirder by the mouse scroll. From meeting a hot adventure sports junkie only to be sold credit cards to haunting profile pictures that will give you sleepless nights, here’s five things that could happen to you when you’re swiping right.

And it won’t be a potential date.

5 bizarre things that happened on Tinder


'Scuse me sir, would you like to buy a credit card?

Replace the ‘bachelors’ in ‘eligible bachelors’ to credit card holders and you’ve got yourself a good deal. One user revealed he’d taken his date to a cafe, where they ordered food and began chatting. Halfway through the conversation, the girl started to tell him about types of credit cards and their benefits. When he said he was not interested in applying for a credit card, the girl started to speak loudly, almost shouting at him. He got rid of her, and quick.


Offers to be a male escort

Being offered a new fly-by-night job isn’t even the worst part. What’s more ridiculous is that you have to cough up a registration sum of Rs 1,500 to join this male escort start-up.

Indian single men

Hot “Married” Singles(?) are looking for you

Folks, it’s 2016. It’s well established that Tinder is hardly an app to find friends for life. So when you spot a bio that says ‘married and looking for friends,’ maybe swipe a hard left and don’t look back.


Food is your one true love

Even Tinder knows there’s nothing you love more than food. Sure, it was for a promotional activity, but would you give up on the one thing that loves you back? That’s an easy no. So when a profile of a pizza slice shows up on your phone screen, don’t second guess the right swipe.


Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

She’s looking for a guy with very specific tastes, clearly.