Ranveer SIngh Bollywood

When you’re one half of Bollywood’s hottest couple, you can expect to be tailed by paparazzi round the clock.

Which explains Ranveer Singh’s Cheshire cat grin in this photo.

When the actor stepped out of his home last night, he was wearing a reflective jacket that amplified the camera flash and distorted the captured image. You’ll remember the pap-proof scarf that hit the headlines a few months ago, endorsed by celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nick Jonas. The nano-spherical crystals embedded in the ISHU scarf’s fabric performed a similar feat, except one of those will set you back by £355 (roughly ₹32,000).

Ranveer Singh Bollywood

Though Ranveer’s never one to begrudge the cameras that shadow his every move, this style-meets-function wardrobe pick might just become the hottest selling item among his more reticent Bollywood colleagues.

Bollywood’s boldest dresser

Shy isn’t the word that comes to mind when one thinks of Ranveer Singh. Case in point, every one of these wardrobe choices.

Ranveer Singh

The time he wore pyjamas to a Best Dressed event

And paired a top hat with furry kitty slippers. We can just hear dear ol’ Queen Elizabeth gagging on her tea.


The time his jacket was tripping on LSD

Those gold Nike kicks are shiny enough to signal Mars.


The time Andy Warhol threw up on him

Screen-printed nightmares.


Image: Viral Bhayani

The time he was responsible for some major nerdgasms

Free advertising never looked so good.


The time he gave us armpit grooming goals

Seriously, look at those pits.

Ranveer Singh

The time he put on more clothes that Kim Kardashian has ever worn in her life

Shirt, waistcoat, tie, jacket, skirt and pants. And underwear, we’re assuming.


The time he looked like a Powerpuff girl

Look it up.


The time he matched outfits with Arjun Kapoor

Arjun is not buying this whole “vertical stripes are slimming” argument.


The time he took the term 'pimped out' a little too seriously