Weekend round up

For a moment, PokemonGo wasn’t the focus of every conversation.

Of course, the only person capable of pulling off such a feat is JK Rowling and her hero for all ages, the Boy Who Lived. Harry Potter fans across demographics and age groups were rejoicing after getting their hands on the latest Potter book which released over the weekend.

But with every silver lining, comes a dark cloud. The makers of Game of Thrones announced a definite end to the world’s biggest television show, claiming that the eigth season would be their last. The only thing that could possibly cheer us up from this shocking revelation is the fact that someone has finally filed an FIR against Twitter troll, KRK.

Here’s everything that went down last week on the internet:

Weekend round up

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child released worldwide

Last weekend was a huge deal for millennials who grew up with ‘The Boy Who Lived’. author J K Rowling’s beloved protagonist conquered headlines again as a printed script of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released for the world to read and weep over again. Lining up outside bookstores in their best cosplay, grown-ass adults abandoned all inhibitions as they finally laid their hands on their very own copy of the book, just like they did when they were 11. In India, online delivery service Scootsy catered to the fan fervour. You can’t stop the feels.


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Lewis Hamilton wins the German Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton bagged himself another trophy by winning the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim while his German native rival Nico Rosberg came in fourth. To make things worse, Rosberg was slammed with a five-second penalty for driving Max Verstappen off the track. Hamilton has now joined the ranks of the German GP greats including Ayrton Senna, Jackie Stewart, Juan Manuel Fangio and Fernando Alonso.


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Say goodbye to Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans will have something to silently weep about other than their favourite character’s death. HBO’s reps declared that the series will continue on only for two more seasons. There’s always a ‘but’. Spinoffs of the show are being discussed, so trust the GoT fever to keep running high. A show about the dysfunctional Lannisters doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it?

snajay dutt rifle lamp shade

Image: Instagram

Sanjay Dutt's rifle lamp shade

On Sanjay Dutt’s birthday, his wife Manyata shared images of their celebrations on her Instagram page. Of course, what caught everyone’s attention was the rifle-shaped lampshade that served as the backlight. After serving jail time for illegal possession of firearms, we thought Sanjay would baulk at the sight of anything with a barrel.

Kamaal R khan

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FIR filed against KRK, finally

The messiah of the twitterati arrived last week. A Mumbai-based lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui filed an FIR against the biggest twitter troll, actor and self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan. Everyone’s aware of the lewd comments and tweets KRK’s been sharing on social media, trolling almost all Bollywood actresses. With the charge of harassing celebrities online and assaulting a woman’s modesty, we’re hoping some strict action will be taken and the internet will be spared of his foul updates.