As much as you are unwillingly enslaved to your cup of overpriced Starbucks coffee every morning, there will be days when the gourmand in you misses all the artisanal coffee you drank when on that backpacking trip through Europe… 6 years ago. But when you realise you have all the premium coffee in the world right here in your homeland, the chaos will be set in order once again.

From single-estate beans to eco-friendly brews, taste all the 1,250 taste notes (as compared to the 350 present in wine) of these power-packed artisanal coffee brands. For added benefits, get a pot going right before your workout. We hear it’s merciless on those love handles.

Indian artisanal coffee brands


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Seven Beans

Delivery: On enquiry

Price: On enquiry

Italian coffee is hard to come by, because, well… it’s in frickin’ Italy. But when Indian coffee planters and Italian roasters at Seven Beans were bound in brotherhood, it yielded one of the best batches of coffee beans we’ve ever tasted in India. Bongiorno, indeed.


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Halli Berri

Delivery: Across India

Price: ₹450-₹550

We know. You’re thinking about the Bond girl emerging from the sea in slo-mo. Shut that gaping mouth because first, that’s not pretty and second, Halli Berri is the wholesome coffee high that you’ll never want to come down from. Book an overnight stay at one of their estate cottages in Chikmangalur so that you can walk, talk, smell and sleep coffee until you’ve had enough. Which will be never.


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Flying Squirrel

Delivery: Across India


This Bengaluru-based coffee brand has nothing to do with the tribe that travelled through India in their quest to conquer lands around the world. What they do seem to promise is “damn good artisanal coffee.”


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The Indian Bean

Delivery: Across India

Price: ₹270-₹450

The Indian Bean grows what’s known as single-estate coffee, bursting with flavour. If you’ve never had single-estate coffee, this is your go-to brand. Apart from selling boutique blends, the Indian Bean also provides a guide to brewing it the right way.


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Blue Tokai Coffee

Delivery: Across India

Price: ₹325-₹335

Spread over eight coffee estates in Karnataka, Blue Tokai Coffee has a healthy number of varietals in store. But first things first. If you’re a grown-ass man who doesn’t know how to store your beans properly, find your guide to coffee 101 on Blue Tokai Coffee’s blog.


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Black Baza

Delivery: Across India

Price: ₹120-₹600

If you thought staying caffeinated while trying to be eco-friendly wasn’t a real thing, meet Black Baza. The Indian coffee company grows its produce using farming practices that helps keep the biodiversity booming. With 4 farms, 18 acres, and 1692 trees under protection, this one promises a regret-free cup of premium coffee. Do your bit for the environment.